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Debt Consolidation Application
Debt Management Notes
note: what your credit report
is showing related to your debts
note: using your home equity
to consolidate your debts
note: budgeting software to paydown
debts and your mortgage
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Summary Notes
Note 1 For College and Higher Education Graduates:
you should consolidate student loan debt separate from other debt to take advantage of rate incentives — view our pros and cons for consolidation
Note 2 Lower Monthly Payments:
reduce your monthly student loan payments from 27% or more depending on the amount of your student loan debt — link to our estimator to see how much
Note 3 Single Monthly Payment:
by consolidating student loan debt, you will submit only one payment per month instead of multiple payments on the different loans — about single billing
Note 4 Lock-in Fixed Interest Rates:
lock-in your low, fixed interest rate during your repayment period — calculate your estimated consolidation rate
Note 5 Rate Reduction Incentives:
reduce your federal consolidation rate even further with these lender-specific incentives — view rate incentives
Note 6 Zero Costs / Zero Obligation to Apply:
no credit checks, no application fee, no costs. Eligible for federal student loans. E-sign and process your application online — view consolidation process
You can apply online
or dial 1-800-895-1911 to discuss your plan
Guide Student Loan Consolidation:
complete module with summary notes and benefits on student loan consolidation


Lower Your Bills:
review our companion site on lowering your housing, transportation, food and other monthly bills.
Guide Budget Management:
build a monthly spending plan with financial goals for home buying, college savings, vacation and retirement.
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