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Time for parties and fun with friends and family.
What should you do?

You have linked to the right place to plan the perfect party. Download our complete Planning Party Kits for game ideas, entertainment skits, food recipes, invitations, plus much more.
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Party Planning Kits

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They're Coming

Short Ghost Story

  • college students out for fun one late night
  • one of the girls disappear
  • a few go looking, but only find her sweater
  • they return back to the group and find another two missing
  • one-by-one they all disappear leaving one to face the haunting truth of his past

    read it at a party or reenact it as a social outing

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Wall Street Trading Kit


  • complete game play and strategies for the trading game of PIT®
  • trading with spoon strategies
  • complete menu and recipe ideas for Wall Street sandwiches and subs
  • sandwich spread recipes
  • recipe for New York style cheese cake and cheese pie
  • print and online invitation
  • over 50 click n' link pages

    add people to your trading pit

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Halloween Party Kit


  • who's the murder game play
  • other game play ideas
  • party decorating ideas
  • building a haunted alley
  • links to "places to go and do"
  • food menu with recipes and monster pizza
  • dessert menu
  • print and online invitation
  • over 50 click n' link pages

    invite your own monsters

    FREE download

Christmas Party Kit


  • white elephant gift exchange game with some twisted rules
  • who is in the picture game
  • food menu for an exotic 5-chicken salad
  • recipe for a Christmas pecan coconut cake
  • links to "Christmas Around the World"
  • special holiday punch recipes
  • print and online invitation
  • over 50 click n' link pages

    just add people for a fun treat

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New Year's Eve Party Kit


  • quick mind-boggling game
  • famous quotes trivia game
  • party decor from the past in picture and summary points
  • ideas/recipes for a meat menu bar
  • ideas/recipes for a fruit/vege menu bar
  • ideas/recipes for a cheese menu bar
  • ideas/recipes for a dessert menu bar
  • print and online invitation
  • over 60 click n' link pages

    all you need to do is add people

    FREE download

$5 Poker Night


  • 15 popular how-to game rules for $5 Poker
  • players sheet that summarizes each poker game
  • ideas/recipes for New England Clam Chowder
  • ideas/recipes for other party favorites
  • two customized invitation for print

    all you need to do is add people

ShindigZ by Stumps

Party Costume Supplies

Recommended Sites:

  • for Halloween, New Year's, and other holiday events
  • for birthdays
  • for special events
  • for decorating up the home
  • for decorating supplies

Achieving Success
    Achieving Success/Building Discipline

Complete guide on discipline and character building. Has illustrations on the building blocks of success.

FREE: click to download book summary

FREE: click to download book

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