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added discount incentives

Your Rate Could Get as Low as 5.375%

Reduce Your Consolidation Rate to 5.375%
by taking advantage of these rate discount incentives:

  • first, lock-in your 0.6% rate discount
    for consolidating your loans while in your grace period
    see below

  • take a 0.25% rate discount upfront
    for automatic draft
    see below

  • get a whopping 1.0% rate cut
    for simply making on-time, consecutive payments
    see below

1 -0.6% Less for Grace

Lock-In Your Grace Rate
Once your loans come out of grace and enter repayment, your rate will increase by 0.6%.

So lock in your lower rate now by consolidating your loans while they are in grace: more information about the grace rate

2 -0.25% Less for Automated Draft

Make Automated Payments**
How can you guarantee to make consecutive on-time payments for the 1.0% discount noted below?

Simple! Have your loan servicer automatically draft your checking or savings account for each monthly payment.

  • no worry about meeting your payment due date
  • no need to write your check
  • no need to buy a stamp.

And best of all, the lender will reduce your existing rate by 0.25% for signing up and maintaining your automated draft.

3 -1.0% Less for On-Time Payments

Pay On-Time, Every Time*
Imagine having your interest rate on your consolidation loan drop by up to 1.00% for just making your payments on-time.

That is a nice rate reduction benefits reserved for customers through our partner network

You can become eligible for this rate drop by making your on-time payments consecutive months as determined by our lender. The rate discount will continue thereafter as long as you continue to make on-time payments.

All Benefits Equal Great Savings

Let's Add It Up
Add up these potential discounts:

  • up to 1.0% for 36 on-time payments
  • 0.25% for automatic draft
  • 0.60% for locking in your grace rate

Equals = up to 1.85% in rate discounts.

Apply Online w/e-sign: click here


* Limited time offer! Offer may be withdrawn or extended at any time without notice.

** Upon receipt of completed Automatic Debit Authorization Form and for as long as you continue to have your payments automatically withdrawn.

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