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First Things First
file: print this 1-page reference directory add to your rolodex
Calculators   (links to our SayLending financial network)
calc: calculate your student loan consolidation interest rate
calc: use debt consolidation worksheet for all other debts
calc: all other calculators
Worksheets   (links to our SayLending financial network)
wkst: mortgage loan shopping comparison sheet
wkst: home equity shopping comparison sheet
wkst: debt consolidation worksheet
wkst: debt-to-income ratio calculation worksheet
wkst: download loan amortization worksheets
wkst: effective tax table
Personal Budget   (links to our SayLending financial network)
budget: personal budgeting worksheet
budget: download budgeting forms
budget: tips to reduce your monthly expenses
Credit Reporting Services
credit: get a FREE copy of your credit report   (free service manadated by federal law)
credit: view all three credit agencies in one report   (subscription service)
credit: credit monitoring services   (subscription service)
How About an Idea
idea: view our bi-weekly seasonal idea for your home equity
Lending "Cheat Sheets"   (PDF files)
sheet: home mortgage "Cheat Sheet"
sheet: home equity "Cheat Sheet"
sheet: debt management "Cheat Sheet"
sheet: auto financing "Cheat Sheet"
sheet: student financial aid "Cheat Sheet"
Tax Publications and Forms   (links to the IRS for tax publications)
form: home owner mortgage interest deduction
form: tax information for first-time home owners
form: business use of your home
form: moving related expenses
form: selling your home
form: residential rental properties
form: tax benefits for education
form: travel, entertainment and auto expenses
form: all other tax publications and forms
Consumer Protection Information   (links to the FTC)
info: information about abusive lending practices
info: consumer Information on credit based products and credit scams
info: money-related resource information
info: privacy information and sharing your personal information
info: e-Commerce and the Internet
info: other consumer-related issues
From the Federal Reserver Library   (links to Federal Reserve)
library: ABCs of figuring interest
library: facts about banking
library: controlling interest
library: regulations that protect consumers
library: credit guide
library: PDF Packet: Points of Interest (How Interest Rates Work)
Planning Guides   (links to our life-event center at
  home buying guide
  home selling guide
  home buiding guide
  home moving checklist
  for-the-home improvement gallery
  home remodeling guide
  house plans search and view
  home installation guide
  debt management guide
  lowering your bills guide
  increase your income guide
  college planning guide
  college search and program data file
  college investment guide
  small business center
  unique shopping guide
  more planning guides

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